The deepest gift singing brings, is the courage to express authentic feelings.
— Chloe Goodchild

Singing is Good medicine

You might wonder why a Natural Medicine Practitioner would promote singing workshops and evenings as part of her therapeutic skills. In fact, the ability to sing is something we are all born with, and I have been a musician singing and facilitating groups of ordinary people to sing together, for two decades. Music can be deeply therapeutic and music therapy is a traditional Naturopathic modality which I am reviving in my Natural Medicine Practice. 

Singing and music can improve our health physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, aesthetically and spiritually. Singing has been shown to help with depression, to lower stress, to enhance respiratory and circulatory function, and in many other ways- I will write more on this in a blog post. 

My husband David and I lead workshops in sacred singing and chanting- in the tradition of kirtan, which is often associated with yoga.  The words are frequently not in English, and are designed to take us deeply into a meditative space, and even a state of deep joy. We also sing community circle songs and popular mainstream songs, which also get everyone joining in. 

Meditation, heart opening, community, joy and peace, are all qualities we need in these times, for healing our disconnection from nature's healing intelligence. Singing with others can take us to a place we rarely touch at other times. 

It doesn't matter how well you think you can sing. We can all sing. Many people have lost confidence in their ability to sing due to childhood experiences or because they don't sing much, but I still say everyone can sing, and can benefit from singing. Singing is an important aspect of our humanness that helps us express ourselves and our uniqueness, as no one has a voice the same as ours. 



Sandalwood Singing twice a month

These evenings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, at our home in Hamilton Hill, near Fremantle. We sing and chant a variety of songs from different spiritual traditions, but predominantly it is Kirtan, an Indian tradition that has adapted well to westerners, and has been taken up by the yoga movement. We do not necessarily need to understand what we are singing, to sing fully and enthusiastically. The beautiful songs are often in Sanskrit but some are in English or other languages. They are usually simple, repetitive, tuneful, and we have the words for you on a screen. The evenings are welcoming and friendly, and finish with a shared cuppa and light supper. The cost is $10. 

Please sign up to the newsletter above to receive notifications of our next singing evening and any upcoming workshops. You can also contact us on 0433 364 654 to book us for an event, or talk to us. 



David and I hold various workshops in Perth and will come to your event or venue and provide a deeply beautiful singing event. We have sung with the elderly, at yoga centres, at parties, at spiritual events, and in the park. We love to get everyone singing and adapt our songs the particular audience, from popular mainstream music to mantra.


You can contact Susan on 0433 364 654


Meditation and Mantra

Meditation is an important skill in these times, helping us to find some stillness and peace amongst the daily busyness, and to connect deeply within ourselves. We combine meditation with mantra to help still the mind and open the heart and rest as awareness. Voice and sound have been used for thousands of years to help meditation practices.