Feel free to phone for a quick chat to see if I can help you. If I don’t answer, send me a text and I will respond as soon as I can.

Mob 0433 364 654

I work with people online (Skype or Zoom)

and locally (Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia) 


Initial Naturopathic/ Coaching Appointments

These involve a 60-90 minute consultation, with an in depth look at your past and current state of health and wellbeing, your goals, some simple clinical assessments, and some initial recommendations. They cost $130.

Follow-up Naturopathic/ Coaching Appointments

These are 30 mins and are generally spaced at first 2-3 weeks apart, then further apart as you improve. $80.

Acute, Symptomatic Naturopathic Appointments

These are 15 minutes including making up a remedy, and are good for when we want to just deal with the symptoms and not all the underlying factors, such as for the flu, a UTI, pain, insomnia, diarrhoea or constipation or acute stress. Just ask if you are not sure. If I can quickly make you up a herbal remedy or link you to a product on the online dispensary, after a short chat and check on contraindications, and that’s all you want, then this appointment is for that. These are $40.


I have access to pathology testing including salivary hormone testing, hair trace mineral analysis, as well as a wide range of regular pathology tests.

Mindful Yoga

All my classes are at a gentle pace, with mindfulness to slow down, and get in touch with ourselves. All classes combine longer held poses, meditation and breath. These classes can help build strength and flexibility, lose weight, lower stress and inflammation in the body, foster resilience, and support people with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and chronic health issues.

My classes are Hatha/ Yin Tuesday morning at 9am - 10:15am,

and Yin Thursday evening 6pm to 7:15pm.

You are welcome to just turn up, or check on 0433 364 654. Cost is $15.

24 Oldridge St, Hamilton Hill WA

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