My Values and Philosophy

  1. Health-focused

Naturopathy is fundamentally a health-focused model, which works preventatively as well as directly with the body in whatever condition it is in currently, to stimulate and nourish health in whatever way is appropriate. I work with the modalities I am trained in. The conventional medical model is a disease management model. They can be complementary.

2. You are the ultimate authority on your own health - listen to your own body. We make changes at your pace.

I encourage you to get in tune with and trust your own body, to notice its signs as messages eg to listen to your natural hunger and appetite to guide your eating, and to listen to the effect certain herbs might have on you, or which ones you might feel drawn to. What is your tiredness telling you?

It is important to me that you stay in control of and the authority over your own health and wellbeing. I am a teacher, guide, coach with training and experience in listening to and interpreting peoples’ health stories and symptoms,  but I want you to feel empowered and more in tune with your own body, and to learn to “trust your gut” . Our current medical system is largely authoritarian and disempowering, and I want you to feel empowered in your own body. 

There is no point in me giving you a long list of changes you need to make. We all have areas we can look after ourselves better, its an ongoing journey. I work with you at your own pace, and support and guide you in ways to develop better lifestyle habits that make you feel good and lead toward wellness rather than sickness. 

3. Look for the underlying / root causes

We will look for the underlying causes of your dis-ease symptoms, which may be found in your family history, your past health patterns and lifestyle and your current lifestyle. Then we can provide support for the body to return to balance and health. As you heal and your vitality returns, underlying layers of imbalances, toxins or often come to the surface t be dealt with.

4. Work within a wholistic framework which includes the concept of Vitalism as well as Evidence-based medicine. 

Vitalism describes the intelligence that animates every living form, which has been described as Chi, Life Force or Prana in other cultures. It describes the inherent capacity of living beings to grow, change, respond and to heal. With Naturopathy, we look at what might be inhibiting the being’s inherent capacity to heal, and we use gentle natural medicines and techniques to stimulate this healing capacity. We recognise that the body, mind, emotions, spirit as well as the environment are all connected and need to be considered. 

I am well trained in evidence-based complementary medicine, so I research the latest evidence for various treatments. However it is always within a wholistic context, and this is not in conflict with biomedical science, but takes a broader view.