EMF Smog

How close are you sitting to your WIFI router right now?


How close are you sitting to your WIFI router right now?

I just had a client who was sitting right next to hers all day every day for work. I have an electrosmog detector and it flashes warning (amber) within 3 metres of the wifi router, and red lights with siren sounds within 1 meter of the router. Of course, it is in a place as far from where we spend most of our time as possible.

The EMF detector also flashes red when placed on my mobile phone- even without a call happening- and close to my computer or iPad screens. I sit as far from any screens as possible when using them, because every cm of distance counts.

It's worth considering your cumulative daily exposure to EMFs, as we are surrounded by them in public and private places everywhere, and most people are married to their phones at the minimum. We don't know the long term effects but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of negative health effects.

Please don't give your small children your phone or iPad to play with, if it is still connected to the internet. Their systems are so open and sensitive, baby's skulls are still soft. Turn it on aeroplane mode and let them play with a downloaded program if needed.

Just because everyone is doing it and they all seem ok, doesn't mean it's ok, really. Just because science hasn't had the funding to prove health issues beyond doubt, doesn't mean its not true. We are guinea pigs living in a sea of electromagnetic smog we are not evolved to deal with, and awareness of it is at least a good beginning.