Why is Menopause so hard (for many women)? Some thoughts.

older woman menopause.jpg

Are you a woman n your 40s or 50s, even 60s, and struggling with perimenopause or menopausal symptoms? Do you get the sense it just shouldn't be this hard? Our female ancestors didn't seem to have it this hard, so why do we?

Two things....stress, and an overloaded liver.

When the ovaries start to shut down the adrenals take over producing some of those hormones. When we are chronically stressed- which is completely normalised in our culture- our adrenals become overloaded and their capacity is stretched. So its a time when women often burn out and they simply can't cope with everything they could before, or they get depressed, anxious....its different for every woman.

The other issue is that it is our liver which processes the hormones in our body,. It breaks them down for excretion. Our liver also processes every toxin we bring into our body, including in food, in the air, in cosmetics and hair products, in sunscreen, in water......far more than any previous generations had to deal with. So our livers are overloaded. Just one of the symptoms of liver overload is hot flushes.

So....they are the two main areas that need lots of support for many women dealing with unpleasant menopausal symptoms. And it comes back to......

Looking after ourselves. Putting ourselves as a priority. Letting go of unnecessary obligations and focusing on what brings us peace and joy. Dealing with unavoidable stress by building our resilience, taking time for ourselves. And eating really well, supporting our liver by helping our detox processes.

It's a big topic, but a wholistic Naturopathic approach is to deal with the underlying issues, not just the symptoms. So it's also quite simple. It expresses slightly differently for every woman, but most of us are overloaded with toxins and stress.

Menopause is a sort of initiation for many reasons, but one is that we can't get away with putting everyone else first any more, our bodies won't let us. We have to look after ourselves as a priority. THEN, when we have adjusted our lives for more balance, we naturally step into our beautiful older woman power and beauty with grace. Our essence shines, and is no longer willing to be compromised.

Does this resonate for you?