Are you addicted to sugar? Here's an idea.....


Are you addicted to sugar? Do you need that snack with sugar a couple of times a day- a chocolate bar, a "healthy" bliss ball, some icecream, a drink with sugar added? Its hardly a personal weakness....sugar is everywhere. It can seem very challenging to break the habit.

Years ago I got out of the sugar rut by going cold turkey. I just decided to stop when someone I loved encouraged me to. And in those days I was much more "paleo" and avoided much fruit and ate more meat. It worked. I haven't really eaten much sugar since then and I rarely crave it.

However it's not what I recommend nowadays, and I haven't found "just go cold turkey" particularly effective for most people. Addictions are tricky because we only have so much willpower, and with all the stress and things pulling on our quota of willpower, its pretty hard to use willpower to break an addiction. A stressful day, an upset, and our hand reaches for the sugar almost by itself and we watch it without being able to stop it. I have certainly been there.

What I realise nowadays is how valuable fruit is, and I eat lots of it- as in, a lot. So does Dave my husband. Fruit when eaten as part of a fairly lowish fat diet, does not raise blood sugar or act like table sugar in the body at all. It provides a whole food that feeds and nourishes the cells including the brain with the fuel they prefer, glucose.

Nowadays I recommend eating plenty of fruit to transition away from addiction to sugar.

Craving sugar? Have some grapes, a mango, or whatever takes your fancy. It is NOT the same as sugar, at all. Fruit is a food which feeds your cells in the way they love, directly. It is a whole food, with fibre and untold amazing nutrition, nourishing you in so many ways. It also assuages that craving for sugar.

I would suggest eating fruit freely, without fear, to move away from sugar addiction. But you might like to keep your fat intake moderated, as fruit and fat are not such a great combination.

I do eat fruit at the end of meals though. I often crave something sweet at the end of a meal and fruit does the trick. And yes, food combing rules tend to say that's not ok, but it works for me.

Do you love fruit but have been scared into thinking its just another form of sugar and therefore bad?